Ptolemy was born on 1st November on a remote farm in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, and was from a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls
He is a part working Bedlington and we are able to trace his lineage back several generations


Ptolemy joined us on 6th January. Initially, it took several weeks for Ben, our older Bedlington, to accept him but eventually he did and they would play together and defend each other when out, although Ptolemy probably took over as pack leader as he grew in confidence.

Unlike Ben, Ptolemy is not a wanderer who could disappear on a walk or up the road if we weren’t looking. However, like Ben, he does not tolerate non-dogs and thinks squirrels, cats and foxes should all be seen off.

He is also a very keen on watching for all new visitors, human as well as canine, but will give everyone a very warm greeting when they arrive.

Ptolemy, unlike Ben, is also very affectionate and loves giving his daddies a wet kiss on the ear. He is obsessed with balls and a very strong swimmer